Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Engagement pays

Clearly, it's tough to work things out with those people.

Alberta is also engaging with the UAE:
As the Harper government’s feud with the United Arab Emirates escalates over air landing rights, the Alberta government is sending a senior minister to the Middle East country this week to promote trade and investment.

An Alberta official says the province “can’t sit back and wait” for the federal government to resolve its dispute. “We need to continue expanding trade,” Bill Strickland told The Globe and Mail, adding he hopes the two nations can work out their differences.
The Alberta minister's visit bears watching, needless to say, given the scrutiny of Bob Rae's visit by the Harper government this week.

Some engage, others end up in "Give me a break" and blackmail quagmires. Foreign affairs are not an exact science, particularly for our feds.