Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday night

More on this artist:
Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch set to release his beautiful new album Towards the Sun March 28th throughout Europe on City Slang.

It may be hard to believe when listening to the record, but Murdoch recorded the majority of Towards the Sun in Vancouver in a single night during a North American tour in 2009. Revisiting the tracks months later in New York, Murdoch called on several mainstays of Brooklyn’s thriving independent music scene to help put the finishing touches to the album, including Jon Natchez (Beirut), Kelly Pratt (Beirut) and Kyle Resnick (The National).

This new opus is Murdoch’s second full-length record to date, and a follow-up to the 2006 release Time Without Consequence, which cemented Murdoch as a “Top Ten Artist to Watch” according to Rolling Stone.
Have a good night (what's left of it...)!