Monday, January 31, 2011

Harper government seeking university professors to come back to Canada

A "Brain Gain" pilot project has been launched in Ontario, says Jason Kenney. The project is aimed at highly-skilled Canadian workers abroad in the health care and academic fields, with the goal of getting them to return to Canada. The federal government is making it easier for the family members of such individuals to get work permits upon return, an issue they say is frequently an obstacle to such workers returning to Canada. Notably, university professors are on the list of "specified occupations" being sought.
"It's a reverse brain drain," said Minister Kenney. "We're making it easier for Canadians abroad to bring their skills home and contribute to the Canada of tomorrow."
This seems to be a good effort that's being undertaken. Turns out this government wants to welcome Canadian university professors back from working abroad after all. Guess they just have to be careful about how they use their skills upon return as they "contribute to the Canada of tomorrow." Some contributions are more valued than others by this government.

A little Monday morning irony for you.