Monday, January 31, 2011


What is said:
"We're not going to provoke an election, folks," spokesman Dimitri Soudas said Monday.

"There's no intention on the part of the government to make of something a confidence vote that hasn't traditionally been one. The objective here is to make Parliament work."
What is done:
While continuing to insist he doesn’t want an election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made big changes to the top ranks of his campaign team.

Guy Giorno, who mere weeks ago stepped down as Mr. Harper’s chief of staff, has been appointed national campaign chair, responsible for crafting and implementing the Conservative Party’s election campaign strategy, whenever that campaign comes. Jenni Byrne, the party’s director of political operations, will also take on the role of campaign manager.
A little bit of two-step gamesmanship going on, as always.

Byrne's elevation to campaign manager has been an expected move for a while now, reported as far back as September, 2009. And the replacement of Doug Finley, who is ill, would have been expected as well. Still, the PM's moves trickle out on day one of Parliament's return to business, as election speculation runs on. Sure, every party's jockeying. But since the government ultimately has the power to decide the fateful question, it bears watching their actions in particular.