Monday, January 17, 2011

Like clockwork: attack ads from the attack leader

The ugly side of Stephen Harper's divisive governing style rears its head once again: "Tories launch attack ads." Apparently the ads are to start today and air across the country. Spending millions to once again demonize Michael Ignatieff. Quite the quality democracy we have on our hands these days.

Not having seen them yet and just judging by the Sun Media report on their content, they sound a little forced and desperate. "Michael Ignatieff is back in Canada, but why?" Um, yeah he's been "back" for a while, dudes, chillax with the overkill. Why? I don't know, he's doing his job as opposition leader?

The explicit attack on Ignatieff's patriotism is offensive, of course, and it should be called out for what it is. It's unacceptable. And the tone of these ads might be off-putting to people in the wake of the U.S. tragedy that has many focused on increasing the civility in politics, not just in the U.S., there's been discussion about it here too. Could be a big mistake.

But, this is what the Conservatives do. Led by the divisive, uber-partisan Stephen Harper. There he goes again, showing us exactly who he is.

Update (9:35 a.m.): Saw them. The attack ads are indeed forced and desperate. Carry on.