Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Maddow on Olbermann's departure

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A little late night U.S. break here because I know a lot of we Canadians watch MSNBC quite regularly and are curious about what's going on with our U.S. faves. This is Rachel's brief commentary on her colleague Keith Olbermann's departure. Nicely said from Rachel, but for him, she wouldn't have had that show and this is why we love her around here. A class act.

A little sad to see Olbermann off the schedule tonight, he's been a staple for me since 2003. Yep, from the beginning when he was a little more wacky and less political, way before the Worst Person segment, the special comments, etc. He really led the MSNBC "revolution" if you could put it that way, as they firmly staked out a liberal prime time brand. He sensed the changing television environment and the need to counter the Fox toxin. Whatever your politics, you can respect when someone moves and shakes their field, does something different, sensing the moment. Hope he shows up somewhere new in the near future, doing something different once again.