Thursday, January 13, 2011

Meet your "Red Tape Reduction Commission"

The Members of the Commission are largely Conservative, made up of Stockwell Day and six other Conservative MPs. Beyond that, there are six private sector representatives.

For what it's worth, and perhaps not too surprisingly, one of them, Bill Aho, as of September 1, 2010, was publicly identifying himself as a Conservative partisan:
"The prime minister sees the North as the next frontier for development for Canada, as a great asset for Canada," said Bill Aho, executive secretary of the Western Arctic Conservative party association.
Secondly, it's probably safe to assume that Denis Prud'homme of Prud'homme Trucking in Saskatchewan was appointed for his familiarity with the federal-provincial immigrant nominee program, what with all the hiring of truck drivers from the Ukraine. Maybe too much red tape there.

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