Friday, January 21, 2011

A succession list appears

This was a bit of a strange development yesterday afternoon. Without any introductory context to the piece came this bare list compiled and published by Canadian Press: "A list of potential Conservative successors to Prime Minister Stephen Harper." Of course, yes, we're in the midst of what seems like a too long-week long obsession with the five year anniversary of the Conservatives' first election on January 23, 2006. And Canadian Press had also published two other pieces about our long five years. But I don't know why that marker would form the basis for a list of successors to appear. I mean, no one is speaking openly about Harper retiring or anything like that.

Harper is to be at a fifth anniversary "rally" on Sunday in Ottawa. Starts at noon. Maybe he'll play a set. Or make a big speech saying something significant. Or significantly partisan. Who knows.

File the list away. I guess. For now.