Thursday, February 24, 2011

Black out worthy?

There is nothing too small for the black pen of the Harper government:
The government website's partisan and personal promotion of Harper became an issue in the autumn of 2009, when The Canadian Press reported that the site was plastered with literally dozens of Harper photos.

After critics lampooned the site's self-aggrandizing appearance, many of the Harper photos disappeared.

The PMO claimed no photos had been removed, and even issued talking points to MPs and supporters citing The Canadian Press story as "false." Prominent party supporters claimed the site was simply undergoing routine technical revisions.

If it was routine site maintenance, the government does not want Canadians to know. An access request asking what happened to the missing photos elicited a two-page, internal explanation from PCO technicians — a response that was entirely blacked out before it was released.
The bar has fallen to a new low. This is not top secret information, what could possibly warrant blacking out here on maintenance of the Economic Action Plan site? It's probably just plain old embarrassing material related to the excessive Harper imagery. Can't have that kind of information being released in the Harper era.

Just the latest symptom of their information stifling modus operandi that is just not acceptable in a democratic nation.