Friday, February 04, 2011

Egypt and the Harper U.S. visit

This video from Associated Press seems to show a positive change in Cairo early Friday but we'll see how the day proceeds:

A few good reads...

The latest on the Obama administration's efforts on a plan for Mubarak's exit.

Nick Kristof has insight from Tahrir Square on the people and their determination.

Note also, British PM David Cameron taking a tougher line this morning.

A Canadian who fled Egypt criticizes the Harper government's response and asks questions about our consular services overseas, including those of the "stripped to the bone" embassy in Cairo.

As we know, Harper is in Washington today to meet with President Obama on that perimeter security deal. They hold a joint press conference later this afternoon where Egypt could be a popular line of questioning. It'll be interesting to see if Harper gets an opportunity to state a position and what it might be in comparison to Obama's, given yesterday's apparent deviation between the two.

While that perimeter deal, whatever it may be, is going to be a big issue for Canada, for today it seems likely that the Harper visit is going to be overshadowed by developments in Egypt.