Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Late night Oda

"Very funny, guys. But this is NOT the way to keep the issue out of the news this week."
(Source for this wonderfully spontaneous & photo-shoppable moment )

Is there really any possibility of this occurring in Harperland?
The second decision is Oda’s. Does she want her reputation to be dragged through the mud over an extended period of time? Let’s not forget the PMO would have tightly scripted her comments, does she want to risk censure for saying what she was told to say? When you leave politics either as an MP or minister, all you have left is your reputation and history’s judgement. Oda has already done enough for the team on this issue. Now it’s time for her to think about herself.
Interesting that a Conservative is raising this idea. Thought that was what the Globe editorial might have been getting at last week too. Not that it seems the least bit realistic that Ms. Oda would somehow sing, to the Foreign Affairs Commitee or elsewhere, on what really occurred.

Nice to keep the Oda ado in the public eye though, it certainly deserves to remain there.