Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Odd Globe editorial on Oda

Here: "Bev Oda’s serious transgression." It's a weak call for Oda to sit down with the Foreign Affairs Committee, explain her actions and apologize. Essentially the Globe suggesting a light punishment for Oda's conduct here in order to make it go away and stave off what seems to be an inevitable contempt finding. Today the Foreign Affairs Committee is to decide on sending its report on to the Commons recommending a contempt ruling from the Speaker. With Ned Franks calling it a clear case of contempt and the Speaker's preliminary ruling suggesting a contempt finding may well be in store, the train is moving in that direction.

The problem with the Globe idea is that Oda's credibility is in question. How could the Committee trust what she would say in a return appearance? That is the nub of the whole issue here. Credibility, ethics, trust. Plus it's a debatable question whether she'd have any free choice of her own on whether to appear, if invited, back at the committee. Particularly if there's any sense that this would be some kind of a whistle blowing appearance by Oda, if that's what the Globe is really getting at.  

Probably best for the Foreign Affairs Committee to reject the Globe's advice and move the matter on over to the Speaker. Not the time to be backing down and giving the weasels a way out.