Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Reading the tea leaves

Lots of moves going on in Ottawa on the appointments front. It's almost as if some major political event might be occurring in the near future that might lead a government to ensure it puts its stamp on some fairly significant government positions.

Just since Friday, we've seen: an appointment to the board of CBC/Radio Canada; the appointment of former ADQ activist Tom Pentefountas as Vice Chairman (Broadcasting) of the CRTC; Manitoba and Nova Scotia federal judicial appointments; and the announced exit of the RCMP Commissioner, William Elliott. Will we see a replacement to Elliott named in the next month or so? (Elliott speaks about succession today in a Globe report, he prefers an internal candidate and alludes to a coming government appointment for himself near the end of the piece.)

Additionally, the President & CEO of the Canadian Wheat Board was reappointed to a 3 year term as was a Director of the Board. Jason Kenney announced two appointments and one reappointment of Citizenship judges, each having a 3 year term. Peter MacKay announced a series of Canadian Forces Senior Promotions and Appointments (one of those appointments being somewhat notable, with the head of JTF2 being promoted and replaced, in April, while there is an ongoing investigation into serious allegations).

Also noted, word yesterday that the Conservative nomination meeting in Simcoe-Grey, the riding currently held by "Independent Conservative" Helena Guergis, looks like it has now been set for March 19th. March 19th would precede that budget thing that's coming, by the way.

CBC. CRTC. RCMP. The Wheat Board. Judicial appointments. JTF2. Those are some major institutions seeing such moves. Keep your scorecards handy over the coming month or so.