Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday is cover off the environment PR blitz day

Hard to keep up with the very busy public relations and campaign firm of Harper & Associates, but this is what they were up to on Sunday: "Harper Government Invests in Clean Energy." They be all about the clean energy today. It's election season and all. Vulnerabilities must be covered off. By the time they're done, this will be the most environmentally friendly government of Canada in history, baby. It's all about the events and the ads.

$64 million was dropped today "across the country to support renewable and clean energy projects that will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions." The nice round figure of $10 billion since 2006 on reducing GHGs is a key point in their releases. That seems like a figure worth checking in terms of the projects, their prospects for impact and the real record.

Here were the Conservative MPs lining up to ride the announcement train today, happily for them, announcing projects near and dear to their home ridings: Mark Warawa, MP for Langley, in Vancouver; Greg Kerr, MP for West Nova, in Digby, N.S.; and Ed Komarnicki, MP for Souris-Moose Mountain, in Regina, Saskatchewan.

Looking forward to "strengthening our democracy" day, coming soon to Conservative ridings near you.