Monday, February 07, 2011

Today in Quebec political strategy

Liberals and Conservatives are engaging the Quebec electorate in very different ways at the moment.

There's exhibit A, the Liberal release of a social networking video meant to stimulate a cri de coeur among Quebecers about having had enough with Stephen Harper. It's issue-based, uniquely Quebecois in sound and is getting some favourable coverage in the Quebec media today.

Then there's exhibit B, Maxime Bernier's latest maverick turn which has seen him veer headlong into a debate over the merits of Bill 101. He's penning defensive pieces now about his comments: "That being said, Bill 101 is a provincial issue and my position does not involve my party or my government," wrote Bernier in his explanatory op-ed, undoubtedly at the specific requirement of the PMO. This gaffe is seeing not so favourable coverage in the Quebec media. Beyond today, this one could prove memorable.

A neat day in Quebec politics...the highs, the lows, the fun and the flameout. It's got it all.