Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Conservative contempt rolls on

This may seem like a small item to some voters but it speaks to the larger Conservative attitude under Stephen Harper toward respect for the laws of this country: "Conservative staffer under RCMP probe gone from key electoral campaign." Remarkable stuff. Sebastien Togneri, the former Christian Paradis staffer who interfered with access to information in that office, who had to resign and who is now under RCMP investigation seems to have been welcomed as a Conservative campaign staffer during this campaign. In a key electoral battleground for them. No one thought twice about it. No one saw the red flag waving in their faces.

Why would they after all? Consider the tone at the top that's being set. Here was Harper today, answering one of his very few questions of the day as the clamps have now come down on media access:
"My understanding is that he volunteered for a campaign," Harper said. "My understanding is that he is no longer a volunteer for that campaign. And that's all I know."
And that's all Canada gets:
The Tory Leader ignored a subsequent question posed by a reporter on the matter.
The inaccessible leader skates with a meager, passive, buck-passing response that is devoid of any sense of the role model position a Prime Minister should have in this country. It's about instilling and upholding respect for the law. What a fail.