Friday, March 25, 2011

A good day: The Harper Government has fallen

Let the campaign begin!

Today, the House of Commons moved non-confidence in the government on the basis of contempt:
The federal Conservative government has been brought down on a historic vote in Parliament, setting the stage for a May election.
MPs voted 156-145 in favour of a Liberal motion today citing Stephen Harper's minority Tories for contempt of Parliament and expressing non-confidence in the government.
Harper is set to visit the Governor General's residence Saturday morning to dissolve the 40th Parliament and sound the starting gun on an election campaign. It will be the fourth election in seven years.
The contempt charge marks a first for a national government anywhere in the Commonwealth.
The vote will be seen as a formal finding of contempt against the government, because the motion clearly used the word "contempt" and was approved by the Commons, said one constitutional scholar.
"This will go down in the history books as a finding of contempt," said Ned Franks, a professor emeritus at Queen's University in Kingston, Ont.
That is historic, serious and all Canadians should be concerned by it. It will be an important aspect of the coming campaign. (As a side note, this older post from 2008 is getting a lot of traffic today for people searching for answers on what contempt of parliament means.)

So now we write the next chapter. The most important thing to say...happy campaigning everybody! Get out there and do what you can for your local preferred candidate, never assume your help can't make a difference. Campaigns matter and this is going to be a good one.

And sometimes a picture just says it all...