Friday, March 18, 2011

Harper Government open door policy for PM's former adviser Carson

"Former PMO aide accused of lobbying for girlfriend had four meetings with feds." All this and not even registered as a lobbyist, no questions from the Harper folk:
A former top adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper used his connections to meet four times last year with federal decision makers in order to discuss a project involving a company linked to his 22-year-old girlfriend.

The Canadian Press has learned Bruce Carson met officials from the Department of Indian and Northern Affairs four times between September and December 2010.

As recently as Jan. 11 of this year, Carson was meeting with senior political staff in the office of Indian Affairs Minister John Duncan to discuss a First Nations water filtration program and a company called H20 Pros, officials in Duncan's office said.
I guess when the PM's former senior adviser comes calling, there are few questions asked.

Additionally tonight, APTN has a new report that is worth a read, still trying to digest the angles. There are a number of emails produced there that will likely be relevant to the RCMP investigation.

All of this is why the Conservatives are likely waving their arms in a frenzy tonight...