Friday, March 18, 2011

In & out scandal: "the evidence is substantial"

Notes from the Crown prosecutor today on the case worth taking into account:
"The evidence is substantial," Richard Roy, the prosecuting attorney for the public prosecutor, told reporters Friday.

"The database generally is about maybe 27,000 documents and many witnesses were interviewed. That's about as much as I can say at this point."
Roy said that while this is not the first time he has prosecuted elections matters, "this is definitely, I would say in regards to an Election Act offence, the most substantial one that we've had to now."
Make of that what you will. It is certainly not looking like a run of the mill administrative type of proceeding that will be over quickly.

The Conservative officials charged have obtained a delay until June to review the evidence. Meaning that if we have an election shortly, the fact of the charges will remain in the window in the state they are now with four Conservative officials charged with Elections Act breaches, still a serious mark to have on a party's record. And if we don't have an election this spring, the case will still be developing as of June, with all the future political implications for the growing anti-democratic narrative of the Harper government.