Monday, March 28, 2011

Mr. Harper's strategery

Interesting item in the Globe late last night: "‘Reckless coalition’ strategy is Harper’s own." I'm not sure why someone would be telling the Globe that Harper's coalition fear mongering is at the doorstep of Mr. Harper and Mr. Harper alone. We kind of know the one man band story line at this point in any event. Nevertheless, this came out:
Mr. Harper pushed his campaign team to put the majority-or-coalition issue front-and-centre, according to someone close to the campaign, because he personally believes those are the only possible outcomes.
And it really didn't seem to be presented in a good way, as in, what a brilliant strategy it is.

Then you consider the headlines and the coverage that have been generated from the weekend that have a certain theme to them...

Le spectre d'une coalition se retourne contre Harper.

Coalition: Harper refuse d'expliquer ses contradictions.

Ignatieff turns coalition accusation back on Harper.

Harper's coalition criticism backfires as past comes back to haunt him.

Harper bats back at coalition questions: Harper pressed on coalition position.

Right back at you: Harper's past boomerangs on electoral 'coalition' claims.

Fear the main factor in Harper's stump speeches.

John Ivison: "The Conservatives will continue to hammer away on this, but the issue should now be put to bed."

Chris Selley: Time to put coalition talk to rest.

Does it seem like it's going to plan? They channel changed, yes, but those can't be the headlines the Conservatives hoped to generate on the first weekend.