Sunday, March 06, 2011

Mulroney's Federal Identity Program

How far these Conservatives have come.

See the video below where Conservative MP Andrew Saxton stands up Friday in the House of Commons and defends the use of the "Harper Government" in place of the Government of Canada. He says it has been a long standing practice of governments across the board. That is nonsense, we know. It is only this government, under the present occupant, who has gone so far as to issue an official directive straight out of the PMO that his name is to be used in connection with the branding of the government. As Martha Hall Findlay put it in the Commons on Friday when questioning the government:
Replacing “Government of Canada” with the Prime Minister's own name, suggesting it is his own personal fiefdom, violates Treasury Board communications policy, federal identity program policy, the Conflict of Interest Act and the conflict of interest code for members of Parliament.
In fact, the government who brought in the Federal Identity Program which sets the formal guidelines as to how federal institutions, programs and services should be referred to and identified was the Mulroney government. The policy came into force October 1, 1990. So when we're considering long standing practices of governments across the board on this issue, let's throw that into the mix too. Maybe someone should ask Muldoon about his government bringing in these federal identity rules and the rationale behind them.

It's been a long road from the Progressive Conservatives to the present day Reformatories.