Sunday, March 27, 2011

On the campaign trail

Just time to throw a quick post up here on some items people might be interested in. This, for starters, is a great video. An excerpt from yesterday's campaign kick-off. The caricatured Ignatieff is just so far from the truth that Canadians will now be seeing unfiltered:

Secondly, a plug for my local campaign, here's a shot of the very cool campaign office for Gerard Kennedy in Parkdale-High Park:

There's one of these near you that needs your help by the way!

Finally, there was a huge rally in Montreal tonight that looked good on The National, here's one shot (courtesy @althiaraj) that's dark but it conveys a sense of its size. The caption is "This and imagine 11 more sections. We are grooving to techno music. Maybe Ignatieff will also dance." Well, he has been known to do so...