Thursday, March 10, 2011

A re-write on Harper's NHL comments today

A re-write to re-focus the Prime Minister's concerns in the direction where his attention and solemn concerns today should have been instead:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he is concerned about the growing number of serious injuries in the NHL to Canadian democracy.

An avid hockey fan parliamentarian, Harper says the league Speaker of the House of Commons needs to take a serious look at the issue continue exercising vigilance over the democratic functioning of our House of Commons.

He made the comments in the wake of the devastating hit Speaker rulings that placed Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty in hospital with a severe concussion and fractured vertebra ruled the Harper government are in two more historic breach of privilege situations for improperly withholding information from Parliament and for one of its ministers having misled a parliamentary committee.

"I just say this as a hockey fan democrat, I'm very concerned about the growing number of very serious injuries transgressions, and in some cases to some of the premier players in the game effect to the seat of our democracy itself, Parliament," Harper said at an event in Toronto on Thursday.

"I don't think that's good for the game Canada and I think the league's got to take a commend the Speaker and take to heart his rulings serious look at that for its own sake."

Other than to send his thoughts apologies to the injured Pacioretty Canadian people, Harper declined to comment specifically on the hit rulings, saying it's not the the Canadian government's job to get involved comply.

"Obviously, I want to express sympathy to Mr. Pacioretty, his family, his teammates regrets for my government's actions," he said. "We're all very concerned about his health playing by the rules and I hope to see him have a full recovery and get back on the ice transparency, accountability and respect for Parliament return."

Where Harper does feel the government needs to take action is with safety in kids sports restraints on the PMO.

"That is something we're particularly seized with taking action on and working with our provincial partners on because this phenomenon is not just primarily at the top level," he said. "You are seeing a growing number of head and brain injuries in sports competitions at the child and amateur level slights to democracy under my tenure and for this, major repair work is required."
"You win some, you lose some," that's just not cutting it. Canadian democracy is not an optional set of rules that a Prime Minister should be chafing at repeatedly. We need to be able to trust that a Prime Minister won't do whatever he can until restrained.

With apologies to Canadian Press for the butchering.