Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some follow-up on Harper's Rideau speech yesterday

Two points arising out of it...

First, this line from Harper's speech out in front of Rideau Hall yesterday was highlighted on the national news last night and is worth some attention:
To my fellow Canadians I say this: The opposition parties have made their choice. Now we Canadians get to make ours.
The opposition parties, and their supporters apparently, are un-Canadian in his eyes. That was not a becoming statement for a Prime Minister.

Second, the Conservatives are running on the "Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan" as a major part of their campaign platform. Harper made that pitch in his speech:
We will be asking Canadians for a renewed mandate to:
- Implement the Next Phase of Canada's world-leading Economic Action Plan to protect and create jobs as outlined in the budget. ...
The Conservatives have already admitted that using $4 million they had lined up in taxpayer dollars to advertise on behalf of the budget aka the Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan would be inappropriate and they yanked it. So taxpayer resources should not be used to support promotion of that budget, this is the principle they have agreed with.

Seems then that government sites should not be promoting it either. See the budget icons for the "Next Phase of Canada's Economic Action Plan" appearing on federal government department sites. See also the accompanying Conservative budget slogan icons, the slogan being used by Harper in that speech yesterday as well (and candidates), "A Low-Tax Plan for Jobs and Growth." Conservative slogans and platform items should be scrubbed from government sites. It's like the "Harper Government" usage and other items we've seen, it's indicative of a larger attitude toward government resources and whose interests they serve.