Wednesday, April 20, 2011

F-35 documentary airing this week

Airing on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week on CPAC. Times of the shows at the link. Sounds as if they have lined up some key pro and con voices on the F-35 proposal, so this might be useful election television viewing.

Pugliese has also pointed out in a blog entry following up his F-35 "no engines" story that DND's response wasn't a satisfactory response to the documents he has uncovered. Those documents indicating that the engines are indeed "government furnished equipment," meaning the Canadian government gets the engines separately and not from Lockheed Martin. Pratt & Whitney is the engine manufacturer. There is no cost figure that has been disclosed by DND for the engines and he notes that there have been concerns about cost escalations with the engines too. In other words, with this engine sub-plot, the F-35 cost questions continue. Because in the larger scheme of things, as we know, there is no contract that has been signed. So where the government gets their assurances on costs for the plane, and now the engines, continues to be a mystery.