Friday, April 15, 2011

Guergis on Harper

Must see video that deserves to be seen in its entirety, Helena Guergis' press conference today is one of the performances of the campaign so far.

While I am not enamoured of those of the Conservative stripe or leanings, you have to give the girl a hand for this. She raised significant questions about Harper's leadership today given his handling of the allegations against her. Due process? Out the window. Relying on, as Ignatieff put it today, "dubious allegations by some third-rate gumshoe?" Harper was happy to do so.
"Not only was it made to seem I was guilty of conduct that has never been disclosed to me — going against the very core of what our principles of justice are built on — the Prime Minister's Office still made it seem as though I was guilty of something even after I had been proven innocent," Guergis said.

"This of course is the worst kind of politics, the kind that Canadians abhor," she said.
The last two minutes of the video seem to have the two quotes that are the most damning, when Guergis asks Canadians to think about this situation where the political leadership in the country can't be trusted to "stand up for justice" as she puts it, amplifying the doubts about Harper and his use of power. Then, openly agitating against Harper as leader of the Conservatives, stating she hopes to return but under a different leader. In the heart of the electoral arena, by one of his own, such a spear thrown at Harper has been a rarity.

Harper's reaction today?
"There were ... a range of political problems around this individual," Harper said at a campaign event Friday morning. "They have been discussed among members of our caucus. There is simply no desire to see the return of this individual to our caucus."
Cold, baby, cold.

Guergis continued to challenge Harper's leadership late this afternoon on Power & Politics and said while she's prioritizing her election campaign, someone would naturally consult their lawyer about such a situation.