Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Harper: “We will govern on the platform we are elected on”

"Majority won’t spur change on abortion or same-sex marriage, Harper says." Really.
Stephen Harper is ruling out introducing measures to restrict abortions or eliminate same-sex marriages should he win a majority government.

Asked whether he’d make changes in these areas if he gained control of the Commons, the Conservative Leader said no.

“We will govern on the platform we are elected on,” he told reporters during a campaign stop in the Niagara region.
"On the other matters you mention (abortion and gay marriage), they are not in the Conservative platform. I have no intention of opening up those issues."
Where's the platform then? We saw a major party release theirs on Sunday, where's the Harper party's? To be released in the last week of the campaign like he did in 2008? Or maybe it'll be released in 2015 to accompany his promises?

Let's review...

Axing the long form census was not part of the platform he was elected on in 2008. Yet he did it, quietly, under cover of the G20 weekend, only discovered by a close read of the Canada Gazette. A large swath of stakeholder groups and majority public opinion asked him not to do it. But he didn't listen. It's fair to assume any uprising on other issues would presumably be ignored by Harper too.

Axing the political party financing regime was not part of the platform he was elected on in 2008. Yet he tried to do it within a month of the election of 2008.

And these "trust me" comments came yesterday when he was out vowing that yes sir, he'll scrap the gun registry if he gets that majority. Right wing and reactionary on guns but nope, trust him to restrain the right wing reactionary impulse on other issues.

We've been here before. Platforms are trifles to him. We'll believe our own eyes by reviewing his record. Fool me once...you know the rest.