Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Ignatieff Town Hall

By-passing the media filter...pass it around.

Liked that moment at the 9 minute mark where the audience member asks a pointed question. Gives a sense of what's gone on in these town halls.

At the 20 minute mark...Ignatieff speaking about an anti-poverty strategy and affordable housing.

Also what is the big takeaway...the re-emphasis on the platform, the main planks. The Learning Passport and the education priority in particular with its great potential to make a real difference for Canadians. Stand up and push it from here on in.

They say it had an estimated audience of 500,000. Combined with tonight's 8 p.m. audience of 1.7 million for Tout le monde en parle, looking forward to seeing what movement there will be in this final week.

Get out that vote, Liberals!