Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ignatieff's National interview & Harper's future

On my way out to canvass for the night so just two things...

Michael Ignatieff is on the National tonight and CBC's site has a blazing headline: "Ignatieff would 'try' to form government if Harper loses confidence vote." Oh my. Except, hello, that's nothing other than a statement of the way the Westminster system of parliamentary democracy works. In response to questions put to him. So, if Harper gets another minority, which is quite possible, that's where we might end up. If there's some kind of sensationalistic effort stemming from that interview, we need to give our heads a shake.

I'm sure it'll be played up by Conservatives as yet another example of why Harper needs a majority. Because every step along the way in the campaign provides justification for that foot stamping request. But really, the essential problem is that Harper is preternaturally unable to work with others, so if he is going to provoke more confrontation in Parliament and continue on with the my way or the highway routine, then our system is designed to accommodate such a governing party unwilling to work with others. Canadians are rightly hesitant of Harper, have been for years, and polls are showing that continues and that we're heading for another minority. He's not deserving of a majority, for democratic, economic, social policy reasons, the works. A needed focus in coming days.

This, by the way, is interesting: "Harper not talking about his fate if denied majority." Good question, journalistic people! Will he pick up his marbles and exit stage far right if he doesn't get his majority? Quel extra incentive for closing days! To the streets, progressives! Work hard!