Friday, April 15, 2011

Interesting seat projections from Ekos

If this were to unfold, Ekos' seat projections as of today, life could be interesting in the next parliament.

Conservatives 131
Liberals 93
NDP 38
Bloc 45

That shows a narrowing between the Conservatives and Liberals from last Parliament's standings. Certainly not the impression we're getting from some pollsters whose numbers are dominating the national news.

Also, if you get out your calculators out there, you will note how 93 plus 38 equals 131. Given that the 113 combined total of 77 Liberal and 36 NDP seats at the end of the last Parliament were well short of the 143 Conservative seat total, this would mark a significant shift.

Oh, I know, seat projections are an inexact science. But there it is, make of that what you will.