Thursday, April 07, 2011

Kind of sorry for frogmarching you out of the rallies, Canadians

To the young students evicted from Conservative rallies for your political persuasions and with the improper goonish assistance of the RCMP, yesterday Stephen Harper had this callous answer for you:
“It’s better when you’re turning people away than when you can’t get people to come,” Harper said.
Yesterday, it was a song and dance that was all about attendance numbers. Didn't seem to get it or give a hoot about the message his party is sending to Canada.

Must have been some overnight poll they had in the Conservative camp. Today, it's a little different tune and as we know, they don't do anything until they're forced into a corner:
"If anybody is kept out of any of our events that is there to hear our message, we obviously apologize to them," Harper said on Thursday.
Yeah, they be kept out. They be booted out, in fact.

So are the Conservatives going to be welcoming the public to their rallies now? We await. In the meantime, what say you, little girl?

That looks about right.