Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Post debate post

Just a few thoughts off the top here...

Harper may be viewed as having pulled off a decent performance. He had his substance down, irrespective of how intensely some of us disagree with it. He did seem exasperated in tone throughout at having to engage in questioning, debating with the other leaders. This may reinforce to the audience how he's just not the suitable one to be leading a minority parliament. He did speak to the camera, excluding the other leaders but whether that's a trade-off in engaging with the television audience, probably an inside baseball point. Those who like him will stay with him. Don't think he grew support.

Ignatieff was solid. He was a little nervous at first but found his sea legs. Too slick would have been a bad look on him in any event. I kept repeating on Twitter that he seemed genuine to me. Rooted, honest. He got his major messages across and fared decently in the exchange with Harper. Anyone looking for an answer on the Prime Ministerial stature question, I think he'll fare well on that. He looked like a Prime Minister. Was good on democracy, gun registry, health care.

Layton had a few good lines, a few good moments. But overall, I don't think he shook up the story line of this election, that Harper and Ignatieff are the front runners, the governmental choices.

Duceppe, no real comment. He adds flare and humour. (Sorry, am tired!)

Hope everyone enjoyed it, am content with how it turned out.