Friday, April 01, 2011

Round one

Or week one. This will be hitting the news stands of the nation, not bad.

Think the Conservatives like that cover?

A month to go, it is way, way early but it's hard to deny that this week has been a good one for Liberals. Columns like this one from a journalist who has been notoriously tough on Ignatieff say quite a bit. Here's another one, related to the cover piece above I believe, tapping into the early developing undercurrents that are swirling. And here's a report from this afternoon: "Ignatieff has the wind at his back as he sails into Week 2 of campaign." They're all seeing and sensing something in the early goings of this campaign that will hopefully become amplified over the coming month for the voters to see.

One other big thing that has to be noted. At the end of the week, Mr. Harper is still running away from his empty bravado on Wednesday:
"We could also have a debate between Mr. Ignatieff and myself, since, after all, the real choice in this election is a choice between a Conservative government or an Ignatieff-led government that all of these other parties will support," he said during an Ontario campaign stop.
That's what he put out there. He could make it happen, if he was up to it.
Several news organizations have stepped up in recent days to offer to host the debate. The idea has galvanized support online and has taken over the political conversation on social networks sites like Twitter.
But Harper is showing us that he is all hat, no cattle, as they say.

Still ducking behind limited questions from media. At it again today (video here, "Harper speaks, part two," where he ignores the follow-up question attempt from a Quebec journalist on how his campaign has attacked Michael Ignatieff's family and whether Harper would actually say the words in public himself).

After a full month of this contrast on display to voters, who knows what can happen. It's hard not to be optimistic at week's end.