Monday, April 25, 2011

Statement by the Conservative Campaign on Malik controversy: *annotated*

Yeah, this needs some help:
The Conservative Party’s zero tolerance approach to the promotion of terrorism extends to supporters of Khalistani extremism. As Prime Minister Stephen Harper has said, the Air India terrorist attack was “an act of grotesque violence and malevolence… This was evil, perpetrated by cowards, despicable, senseless and vicious.”
*Said zero tolerance approach manifests itself only when an April 6th endorsement of Conservative candidate Wai Young by Ripudaman Singh Malik becomes public on April 21st. It does not include walking out of the room upon learning who is at the meeting. It does not include immediate rejection of the endorsement. It does seem to include letting anyone present at the meeting, or beyond the meeting, maintain the impression that said Conservative candidate had the endorsement of Ripudaman Singh Malik for at least a two week period.
Ripudaman Singh Malik is not involved in the Conservative candidate in Vancouver South’s campaign, nor that of any other Conservative Party candidate.
*Is not involved, present tense.
The Conservative Party candidate in Vancouver-South was unaware of Ripudaman Singh Malik’s background or relationship with the Khalsa School.
*The Conservative Party of Canada would also like to sell you a bridge.
The invitation to speak at the Khalsa School was extended to her by its Principal, not by Ripudaman Singh Malik.
*And therefore, this makes attendance at said meeting apparently acceptable.
The Conservative Party of Canada as well as the Conservative candidate in Vancouver South reject any endorsement from individuals such as Ripudaman Singh Malik.
*Except for a two week period, and only after public disclosure of said endorsement, see above.
We also reiterate our clear and unequivocal repudiation of those who would bring their violent, extreme, or hateful prejudices to Canada.
*Clear and unequivocal having an alternative, less clear and less unequivocal meaning in the Conservative universe.

One other item here...Conservative candidate Young missed an all-candidates meeting yesterday: "There are reports she didn't attend the event because she was ill." Well, that just sounds like a case of Harperitis. An affliction that is common among Conservative types, particularly those facing political controversy. The doctor's prescription calls for avoiding tough questions, the unscreened voting public and one's political opponents. She'll probably be over it in about a week.