Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Today's headlines

The fallout from the Conservatives ejecting students from rallies based on social media vetting is getting attention today, another key moment early in this campaign.

Turn the page on Harper and his ‘goons’: Ignatieff.

Stephen Harper défend sa campagne en vase clos.

Election campaign: Is kicking youth out the best way to keep them in?

Harper's bubble campaign.

The uninvited.

Harper tour technique branded ‘un-Canadian’.

Tories on defensive over rally rules.

Conservative tactics keep campaign off Main Street, on script.

Women ejected from Harper rally a Conservative social media stumble, experts say.

See also this blog post building on the last report and underscoring the strange way the Harper team is using social media: Twitter election, Facebook ejection. The kids get that and there are a ton of Canadians on Facebook, not just the kids.


Update: One more: "By the way prime minister, this is not a police state."