Thursday, April 21, 2011

Trouble for Conservatives on the hidden agenda front

"Pro-life backers shaped Tory funding decision for Planned Parenthood."
Pro-life supporters successfully influenced a government plan to deny funding to Planned Parenthood, says a Conservative seeking re-election.

Brad Trost, incumbent for Saskatoon-Humboldt, addressed the Saskatchewan Pro-Life Association’s annual convention on Saturday and thanked its members for their help in killing federal funding for the group.
Soudas, whose word means nothing, said this last night:
A spokesman for Conservative Party Leader Stephen Harper said the government had not made such a decision about funding Planned Parenthood and that it had no desire to decide who to fund based on abortion issues.

“We have been crystal clear on this issue – we are not re-opening this debate,” said Dimitri Soudas.

Asked what Mr. Trost was talking about, Mr. Soudas responded: “That’s a good question. Brad Trost is a backbench MP.”
So is Candace Hoeppner.

Doubt? Raised.

See also this item that hasn't garnered much attention this week: religious groups creeping into the federal government's approved roster of international aid agencies under Harper to an extent unseen in Canada to date. Now constituting more than half, 15 of 28, and there are questions about the religious content versus professional aid delivery content of their work.

(see also DJ)