Saturday, April 02, 2011

A twist in Simcoe-Grey?

Some speculation from the Mumpsimus Blog:
This morning I got a call from a Tory in the wild rose province who said he and possibly several prominent Conservatives in the west planned to help Helena's campaign and raise funds for her. Given their former closeness with Harper, this might be seen as a less-than-friendly 'shot across the bow' of the Prime Minister's campaign ship. And it could seriously rattle some cages among Tories to see these deep blue supporters taking clearly partisan sides over the issue at election time when such a public display of disaffection could hurt the Conservatives in more than just this one riding.

Stay tuned, details still to come. If it plays out as I described, it will certainly add a lot of colour to the campaign.
Something to watch, the possibility of a real split in the Conservative vote in that riding may be increasing...