Monday, April 04, 2011

An unbelievable tale from Harper

March 24th:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper felt personally betrayed after one of his former close advisers got into trouble over allegations of illegal lobbying, according to multiple sources at the most senior levels of government.

They say Harper brought Bruce Carson into his office when the Conservatives came to power believing that the disbarred and once-jailed ex-lawyer had paid his debt to society and deserved a chance at rebuilding his life.
Today: "Harper on ex-PMO adviser’s rap sheet: ‘I wouldn’t have hired him’."

So which is it? Now that more charges have come out into the public eye, Harper's tale is that he knew some of Carson's background but not all? It's just not credible. He shouldn't be able to squirm out of this. Not when Carson's lawyer is saying all was disclosed.

Slippery, slippery.

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