Friday, May 20, 2011

Behold another power accruing to the PM

Kudos to Boris for keeping a watch on the PM and his (and other cabinet members) creeping tendency to wear military garb. It may seem like a small thing, but this is how symbolism is being used to reinforce a presidential aura around this PM. Lawrence Martin had an excellent piece today, "Behold the most powerful PM ever," describing the powerful advantages accruing to Harper in this era, some out of his own political calculus (divided opposition), some a windfall (Conservative supporting media). This creeping commander-in-chiefism bears watching too as another bullet point to add to the list. It's beyond the garb, seen previously in the meddling in the honours/awards realm and on one Canada Day, a salute. Again, these seem like small things when viewed in isolation but eventually they add up and paint a presidential picture for the public who will see it on the nightly news.

Having said all that, it is commendable that the PM has been active in visiting the flooded areas in Manitoba and today visited the Slave Lake devastation to demonstrate empathy and support on behalf of all Canadians. But neither warrant the civilian PM being in military related attire.