Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Blog notes - Tuesday, May 24th

For the life of me, I can't come up with a blog post title that expresses that I just want to include a number of items, briefly and that has some kind of appeal. It just never comes to me. Oh well. It's only been about six years I've been writing this thing. Maybe next week...onwards! So what's doing today...

1. Who had a worse week? Peter MacKay? Or was it...Peter MacKay? Yeah, I think it was Peter MacKay: "One military expert told me with the Afghanistan mission winding down, the real power and most important action in the years to come with the defence department is in the re-booting of it and that responsibility has been handed to Fantino."

2. Good work, boys! That may be a very necessary piece of equipment! At least something is going well with those things.

3. Who's the most popular guy in the PPG today? This guy! Give 'em heck, Lawrence!

4. Aw, the Globe has a crush. Ezra Klein and others don't.

5. Tim Powers is earning his spin stripes this week. This too is a head turner - for Canadian political junkies, anyway, no one else would know who the heck we're talking about - on Van Loan's reappointment as House Leader aka demotion: "Conservative strategist Tim Powers, vice-president of Summa Strategies, told The Hill Times last week that Mr. Van Loan was appointed as the government's House leader because he had previous experience, and "got good reviews" on his performance. "If you remember, his profile started to rise originally when he was in that role. He's reprising that role again. He did it pretty well," Mr. Powers said." Funnily enough, I said the exact opposite last week in surprisingly similar language.

6. Have you been following the big brouhaha over the LinkedIn IPO? If not, it's evoked a bit of a debate on valuations and whether or not the baddies on Wall Street have indeed been bad again. Joe Nocera got it fired up on the weekend, building on Henry Blodget's item. There was some counter reaction and now Felix Salmon has an analysis today that covers all the ground. I think he's got it about right. Nocera & Blodget were indeed on to something in that the best client buds of Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley did make out like bandits by being in on the ground floor on what turned out to be a very underpriced valuation and that is something that doesn't sit right. It warranted that closing "just in it for themselves" line from Nocera on Wall Street not having learned from the financial crisis. But on the other hand, valuations are inexact, especially a newbie social media company like this one. And really, the valuation is now set high and that will be valuable going forward for the company, even if they didn't bank more at the front end. Well, essentially that's some of what he said but in a much more economically credible fashion. Plus, link to bonus LinkedIn limerick that cleverly says it all.

7. Since it's a short week, Wednesday is creeping up quickly. I think the Libs pick a new interim tomorrow. And the NDP are also starting two days of meetings. Wonder which will get more attention...hmmm.

Have a good morning!