Monday, May 16, 2011

Builders and deathers

What this guy said:
It is time for the media and the professional pundits to calm down and take a few days off before declaring the Liberal Party of Canada dead on arrival. Someone please force them to turn off Twitter for the moment and think in broader historical terms.

Two key facts that might help put the losses the Liberals suffered on election night in perspective. The first is that the Conservative party in 1993 went from being the government to having two seats in Parliament. The second is that political parties or movements are built around a few individuals with good ideas. The lesson to be learned: Where there is a will in politics, there is a way.
Through creative and innovative policies, the next generation of concerned Canadians will create an organization and provide the war chest required to convince a sufficient number of voters that the Liberal party’s distinctly Canadian approach to consensus and pragmatic progress is what will be required to navigate the problems lying in wait for the balance of this century.
Elsewhere, you can check out the deathers, not this kind. In Canada, we have our very own deather cottage industry these days. I think I've read that column about 10 times now in the past few weeks.