Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The cart before the horse

What I suspect will happen as well:
Potential leadership candidate Bob Rae — who would be required to choose between a temporary or long-term crown — said MPs will hear from party president Alfred Apps but suggested there could be different views on the road ahead.

“The executive of the party has its views and the caucus will have its views and we’ll work it out,” he told iPolitics. “We’ll just see how it goes.”
With caucus down to 34 MPs, it seems to me the more important consideration in choosing an interim leader is who the caucus wants. As simple as that. As Dion mentioned yesterday in the Le Devoir piece, it's going to be tough work ahead, with the talented MPs who remain, to do the committee work, to be the public face of the party in media representations and yes, in the House of Commons. It's a tough time for that caucus and their choice of who they want to lead them should be given great priority.

Somehow tomorrow's leadership politics have started to drive the choice of who today's interim leader is and it's getting in the way. A whole host of talented MPs, including Rae, are being excluded from consideration now out of a concern for who can run for permanent leader down the road. That seems to be a backward consideration. I understand the desire not to want to give anyone a leg up in a future contest but again, that's emphasizing a future leadership contest where we don't even know who will run.

Performance in the House of Commons, who the caucus wants to lead it, those seem to be more important considerations right now. There has to be a good foil to Layton, to Harper. With the demise of the Bloc, it's down to 3 main parties - with official status - now. Not 4. The best emphasis now, for an interim leader choice, should be on who can be the best leader in the Commons to take advantage of the new landscape.

Two cents offered up as the caucus meets today and begins to discuss options. Those discussions will continue on next week, as far as I understand it, so I'm sure there'll be plenty of other views to come.

(Have I told you how much I hate writing these blog posts? I do. I'm now on record.)