Saturday, May 07, 2011

Idea 2

For Liberals, get going on this promise now, adapted to circumstances of course:
Even further innovation is possible, deploying internet technology to involve Canadians directly. Under a Liberal government, all Canadians will be able to participate in People’s Question Period, where the Prime Minister and Ministers will respond directly to unscripted, user-generated questions online. Ministers’ participation in the weekly online question and answer session will be rotated and as Prime Minister, Michael Ignatieff would participate at least monthly in the online People’s Question Period to answer citizens’ questions unfiltered by political parties or the media.
Would there be any downside in pursuing that? The name, People's Question Period, could be kept. It's a good one and the above could be adapted as seen fit. The main idea would be to open up the questions asked by Liberals in the House of Commons to online participants. Do it in real time if you can. Bet you'd get some good ones that would go right to the heart of some issues without all the managed parliamentary massaging. It's an opportunity to be the vehicle to bring that connection into the House of Commons. How it's executed can be worked out but the premise of the idea seems to be a good one that is workable.

It would distinguish the party from others and permit an ongoing mechanism to connect with people, make Parliament a little more relevant to people. It would also symbolize a commitment to pursuing a more open, democratic Parliament, perhaps in bigger ways down the road, as Liberals renew their brand and efforts all around. Something to think about.