Monday, May 09, 2011

Words of the day

Some items for you this morning...

Bob Rae uses a word that made me laugh out loud for the first time when reading a political news story over the last week. Just one little word did it.

In a similar vein, Manon Corneiller has the must read column of the day (translation for those in need). Here's a sense of it: No one would ever run a unilingual francophone in rural Saskatchewan. Nope, they sure wouldn't. Favourite word used by her? Have to go with "hypocritical."

Meanwhile, Harp is off sharpening his budget axe somewhere when he's not out walking the streets of Ottawa, looking all deliriously happy at his fortunes. Or dancing the night away. $11 billion in cuts over 4 years coming our way: "With a majority, Tories can be more aggressive on deficit." Probably nothing too radical this early on though. Not the way he operates. More stealth-like à la census axing. So I'd expect things like, say, maybe a study on public broadcasting in Canada, for example, with a result to come in a year or so from now. Or possibly even more generic and non-threatening, as in a deficit commission or something of the boring variety to the public where agencies and programmes and their very existence can be reviewed in a most bureaucratic manner. Something that the public won't really pay attention to. What ever will Harp do with all the powah. Oh, and favourite word used by Harper in his little walkabout? "Ecstatic."