Tuesday, June 28, 2011

24 hours in post-election & post-parliamentary session developments

A few items from the past 24 hours that have that air of careful timing to them for a government that would prefer such things to occur beyond the parliamentary session.

1. "Axe hits Industry Canada amid questions about timing of Tory cuts."
"...the timing of the news is being questioned given that many of the cuts stem from restraint plans launched more than a year ago – not the government cuts promised in the 2011 budget.

“People didn’t know that these plans were in place, of course, until after the government was elected, so I find that whole thing rather distasteful,” said Gary Corbett, president of the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada. “People knew what was going to happen, but they saved announcements until after the election.”
2. "Ex-Tory minister Stockwell Day sets up government relations firm." Optics! It's called Stockwell Day Connex. Except he is avowing he will not be connecting in the lobbying sense and has the blessing of the ethics commissioner.

3. And finally, this news, which is big but has never really garnered enough attention in Ottawa or elsewhere: "Ottawa to sell AECL to SNC-Lavalin." This is big for Ontario especially, seeking to buy two CANDU reactors and who will now have to deal with a private corporation and with no government backstop for risks, i.e., cost overruns, etc. Maybe this will get some more analysis now that it's finally coming to fruition.