Sunday, June 05, 2011

Carbon tax campaign brings climate of intimidation in Australia

Remarkable goings on in Australia: "Australian climate scientists face death threats, cyberbullying."
Australia's leading climate change scientists are being targeted by a vicious, unrelenting email campaign that has resulted in police investigations of death threats.

The Australian National University has confirmed it moved several high-profile climate scientists, economists and policy researchers into more secure buildings, following explicit threats to their personal safety.
More than 30 researchers across Australia ranging from ecologists and environmental policy experts to meteorologists and atmospheric physicists told The Canberra Times they are receiving a stream of abusive emails threatening violence, sexual assault, public smear campaigns and attacks on family members. (Canberra Times)
More: "Australia scientists threatened on carbon research." The outrageous threats seem to be concurrent with a public advocacy campaign that's just started in support of the government establishing a carbon tax. Yes, I know. Half a world away and also so far away from where we are in Canada. There were rallies in Australia this weekend in support of the campaign which is geared to creating public pressure, paving the way for the government to introduce a carbon tax within the next year. Here's the ad which stars Cate Blanchett. For this, she is receiving much flak:

This is something to watch, to see how the campaign of fear and intimidation plays out and whether the conservative opposition in Australia will be able to derail the carbon tax effort.