Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Go Canucks...and a few other things

It's the big Canucks game day and all so people are likely not going to be very interested in Canadian politics. But some big things are happening that bear mentioning.

First of all, the ludicrous situation with how the two strike actions going on in the country are developing. The Harper government is giving Air Canada and its union two days, if that, to work out an agreement under threat of back to work legislation. This comes after just one day of strike activity and under guise of the harm that can be done to the economy, the go-to winner rationale for Harp et al. On the heels of that development, that must have been happily viewed by Canada Post management, news late last night that whooops, the Canada Post workers have been locked out by management. Will it be back to work legislation for Canada Post via harm to the economy redux? So much for free and fair collective bargaining as the Harper majority era kicks off.

Second, Tim Naumetz has a report on some specifics of budget cuts including an "unexplained" 20 percent cut at Environment Canada. Look forward to the explanation of that one. Particularly when we have a steep climb to undertake in order to meet the GHG reduction target we've agreed to by 2020, a 17% reduction from 2005 levels. Last week at the UNFCC conference in Bonn, we gave a presentation that was not well received at all by many other countries in attendance. See slide 11 of the presentation that reiterates a point made in recent months by Peter Kent. That current action by all levels of government is not going to meet the GHG target the government has agreed to and will only result in achieving a quarter of those reductions. Doesn't seem like the time to be making steep cuts in Environment Canada's budget but as Naumetz notes, it is as of yet "unexplained."

Finally, this! Too unbelievable, couldn't resist. Possibly a metaphor of some kind for the above items...