Monday, June 27, 2011

Horwath gaffe watch

So, the Ontario election campaign is getting a little more interesting of late. This quote by NDP leader Andrea Horwath really deserves a second look:
“I’m putting a party back in the party,” Horwath, 48, said Sunday, one day after raising eyebrows and a few hoots with an unscripted crack about holding back some of her party’s election platform for later in the campaign.

“I’m a woman — I know you don’t give it up all at once,” Horwath told reporters.
That day after Horwath spin that this was just her being funny wasn't very convincing. I enjoy teh funny too, very much so. This quote, however, wasn't so funny. It was a bizarre thing for a progressive politician to say, let alone a progressive woman. Bottom line, it was a gaffe. On a big launch day, at a special event centered around their platform, the leader says something weird and unhelpful for women. Raises doubts about the readiness for prime time. While it may or may not be a harmful incident here and now, as she may be given a pass like some seem to be handing out, it may yet be a problem during the campaign and something to watch.