Sunday, June 05, 2011

Prog Blogs down

I see some bloggers are a little out of sorts due to Progressive Bloggers being down. They're hitting their blog rolls in lieu of the site. Hey, people? Do you not use Google Reader? I have the blog roll in the sidebar but I also have a ton of Canadian blogs in my Reader. That's how I tend to read what's going on, much faster. You don't have to keep jumping around from site to site. Don't think I could live without Google Reader these days. What with all the organizational goodness it brings to one's life.

Really, and more importantly, this post is just an excuse to share this, a new Matthew Good song that I just came across that sounds like a good Sunday song. One of those 8 minute Good epics.

Have a nice Prog Blog free Sunday! And who knows? Maybe it'll be down for a week! (Risk diversification, Tribe, risk diversification...)

Update: This post was offered in good humour, if that wasn't clear. No offence intended.