Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quebec fallout still unfolding

According to this report last night, another PQ MNA, Benoit Charette, is about to leave the party and that will be announced today: "Au tour du député de Deux-Montagnes de quitter le PQ." He is said to be close to Francois Legault. For non-Quebecers, Legault is not a familiar name but that could change. There was a piece in the Globe last week on how Legault could well become Quebec's next premier. Polls are showing at the present time that Quebecers' desire for change could propel a new Legault-led right of centre party into government with substantial reductions for the old parties, the PQ and the Liberals. He's attracting interest from party people of all stripes. Support for Legault seems to be about what's new, what's change and less to do with ideological rigidity.

There's also talk about a new party to rival the PQ. One of the four PQ MNA's who resigned from the PQ a few weeks ago is considering starting a new party: "L'ex-péquiste Jean-Martin Aussant songe à créer un nouveau parti." Pierre Curzi, one of Aussant's co-departistes is also said to be exploring the idea of a new party. Joseph Facal wrote yesterday about a possible breakdown of the PQ itself.

The political landscape in Quebec is still unfolding in new ways that don't seem to be very friendly toward the old school parties at all.